13/06/17 Era Announces Completion of Going Private Transaction 340 kB
07/06/17 Era Announces Receipt of Final Order in Connection with Going Private Transaction 340 kB
06/06/17 Era Announces Shareholder Approval of Going Private Transaction 365 kB
24/05/17 Era Announces Conversion of Remaining Debentures, Provides Details of Special Meeting of Shareholders 362 kB
08/05/17 Era Obtains Interim Court Order and Announces Mailing of Meeting Materials 414 kB
27/04/17 Era Announces Going Private Transaction 424 kB
03/04/17 Era Announces Conversion of Convertible Debentures by Sentient Group 415 kB
01/02/17 Era Announces Filing of Technical Report 103 kB
01/02/17 Era Announces MOU with Mayur Power Generation PNG Ltd. 100 kB