Yandera Mining Company Ltd


Nathan Chutas PhD, CPG

Nathan joined the Yandera project in 2015 as an Exploration Manager, was appointed General Manager in January 2018 and CEO in March 2019. He has over 20 years of experience in mining and exploration, having worked on a variety of metallic resource projects in the US, Alaska, Mexico, South Africa, and PNG.

Irena Al-Shameri CPA, MEcon

Irena joined Era Resources in May 2016 as a Financial Controller and was appointed CFO in March 2019. She has over 20 years of broad experience in finance and management consulting; started her career with KMPG in East Europe and later held positions with international companies in the Middle East and Australia mainly in the resources sector.

Sir Rabbie Namaliu

Former Prime Minister Sir Rabbie Namaliu is a distinguished statesman and committed Papua New Guinean with ministerial experience in Foreign Affairs and Trade, Treasury, Primary Industry, Petroleum and Energy and other areas of government responsibility including being the Speaker of the Papua New Guinea National Parliament. Sir Rabbie holds directorships of other Papua New Guinea companies, including non-executive Director of Bougainville Copper Limited and Chairman of the publicly listed investment company Kina Asset Management Limited. In February 2010, Sir Rabbie was appointed Chairman of Kramer Ausenco, a joint venture of PNG engineering company Kramer (PNG) Limited and Ausenco of Australia. He has also been appointed as a non – Executive Director of the Post Courier.


Vic Johnson

Senior Operations Manager

Vic has worked in the exploration and aviation industries for more than 20 years. In addition to PNG, Vic has worked in Russia, Central Asia, Vietnam, Mozambique, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Ecuador for companies such as Esso Minerals (Houston), Rothschild/World Bank Gold Fund (Washington DC), Dynasty Metals and Mining Inc., Resource Equities, Pulsar Graphite and International Mining Limited, as well as managing private investment groups.

Richard Baia

Community Affairs Manager

Richard holds an M.Phil degree from the Papua New Guinea University of Technology (Lae) on use of GIS in land tenure investigations. He has over 15 years of experience in land investigations and working with local communities and landowners, mainly at major resource development projects in PNG. He brings significant experience in land administration, community affairs, government liaison, resettlement issues, social and economic impact surveys, and public relations.

Mick Williams

Operations Manager

Mr Williams joined Era Resources in August 2017. Mick has more than 12 years in exploration experience managing day to day operations of everything from junior iron ore explorers to multi-national oil and gas companies. Of this, more than 6 years have been in remote operations in PNG.