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Era Resources Inc.’s share registries are managed as follows


Computershare (Canada) - TSXV Listing

The Computershare Investor Centre online login link is as follows:

When accessing information online or phoning Computershare, please have on hand your Holder Identification Number (HIN), as shown on your Direct Registration System (DRS) Statement/s.*

Physical share certificates are still available for Era Resources holders, though most investors will probably prefer DRS advice/s.* If this is the case, our Canadian contact centre staff will be able to help holders by asking for your name, address, etc. to locate your account.

If you are not able to access the information you require online, please contact Computershare Canada on the phone numbers given below.


Share Registry - Canada

Computershare Investor Services Inc
100 University Avenue, 8th Floor
Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2Y1

Telephone: 1604 661 9591
Tollfree: 1800 564 6253 (Between 8:30am and 8:00pm - Canada & US only)
Outside North America: +1 514 982 7555

Facsimile (Tollfree): 1866 249 7775
Outside North America: +1 416 263 5924